Friday, December 30, 2011

Unlock Huawei ec122 modem by firmware update

huawei ec122 modem unlock by firmware update


In this post we will explain how to unlock your huawei ec122 modem absolutely free. after unlocking you can enjoy the internet service from your desired provider. so here is the step by step guide to unlock your huawei ec122 modem. we are also providing download link to the dashboard updater for your huawei ec122 so you can get rid of the customized dashboard software also.

Step guide to unlock huawei ec122 modem:

  • Download the huawei modem unlock code generator from the link below 

  •  Now you disconnect your internet connection and exit the huawei mobile partner dashboard software
  • Note down the iemi number of your ec122 modem somewhere
  • Double click and run the firmware updater software
  • Accept the terms of agreement and click next
  • Wait until software  detects your huawei ec122 modem and once the modem is detected press next
  • If in between the process of updating ec122 if the program asks for a password use the second software you downloaded (huawei code calculator) and use the flash code as the password
  • Once the update process is finished you are free to use any sim card on your huawei ec122 modem
  • You can also download and install the dashboard update for your huawei ec122 modem if you have trouble using it or while updating it
  • Download  dashboard updater for huawei ec122 from her 
  •   If you have any trouble or any questions please comment it here, and if you are seeking ways to unlock   other modems please mention it in the shout box. enjoy your unlocked huawei ec122 modem 
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      1. Hauwei Unlocker:
        Download from this link:
        it works 1000%
        Share this link please!!!!!!!!!
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      2. tried to unlock my moderm,followed the procedures but the dashbord does not want to install in my moderm as it brings an alert of connection or administrations on which i went all through them. but yet still it does not work. so what should i do?

      3. Unlocking using an freely available software may be an easy way but it is not trusted, Unlocking a modem requires technical skills, So get it unlocked from the reliable sources.

        Unlocked dongle

      4. @koti,
        If you are not sure about this unlock method do not keep on trying with it,because if you exceed the limits chances are there to brick your modem and make it unusable.Instead you can get the unlocking done using the unlock code from for your Huawei EC122.They provide unlock code along with free unlock instructions.

      5. Hi Guys.

        You can get unlocking services and free instant & online firmware flash code from here


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