Monday, December 26, 2011

How to Use Your HD2 USB Port As A Host

About release

This release contains drivers designed to allow connect different USB devices to
Those drivers designed for
Windows Mobile 6.5 OS and they were successfully tested on 3.14 ROM. Other ROMs are not tested.

For using USB host ability you need use special cable or self-powered USB hub.

This release supports HID and MassStorage profiles.
You can connect UsB Mouse, USB Keyboard, USB Stick, USB Hard Disk.
Of course, you need enough external power for devices.

Please remember, this is some kind of demonstration,
this implementation sometimes isn't stable and you can have issues during usage.


1. Install
2. Install DFT_LEO_USBH_WM65.CAB.
3. Reset.


1. Programs -> USBH Switch
2. Disconnect from PC.
3. Press "Switch to Host" button.
4. Connect host device.
5. After some time it should be detected.
6. You can try to use it.
7. After usage you need reset your device to go back USB client mode.

NOTE: It's not recommended to connect device to PC during USB Host mode active!


This product is free to use at your own risk. We take no
responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused by
this unlocking procedure. No warranties, implied or otherwise, are given if you agree to use this product.
No problems were found while testing this product on several different devices, your experience may vary.
Use of the Product for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited and to prohibit the use by Forum.

How it can looks in the real :

on picture you see a USB hub (without external power), a self made Y cable, LEO1024, USB mouse, USB Memory Stick and a bunch of cables.
I can see data on USB stick inside file explorer and can control device by mouse (cursor invisible by default). White cable go to USB male which used as VBUS 5V source.

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