Friday, December 30, 2011

How To huawei e5830 unlock free

Are you trying to change the internet plan on your huawei e5830 modem and are you restricted by your provider. here is little tweak. we will show you how to unlock your huawei e5830. so here is the step by step guide to unlocking huawei e5830. all the steps in unlocking e5830 is similar to e585 except the last step

step by step guide to unlocking huawei e5830:

  • download dc unlocker software from here to read information regarding the modem as the port number iemi firmware version etc of you huawei e5830 pocket wifi modem
    Dc Unlocker Download
  • install the dc unlocker and click on search huawei modem unlock

 this will show the modem parameters of your huawei e5830 in the box below, here is a screenshot


  • Now download the huawei psas software

  • Run huawei psas reader software and select hardware forensics tab and select use mobile port

  •  Select diag port qc tab and select the table as shown in the screen shot 

  • Click lets go and save the unencrypted file somewhere
  • Open the unencrypted file in windows notepad and press “ctrl + f”
  • Type pst in find what form after the pst there will be 8 digit number which is your unlock code for unlocking your e5830 pocket wifi modem. note that code
  • In rare cases some e5830 have been unable to find the PST code, try a higher “Max page” number . if you are still unable to find the code, search for LT P that is LT(space)P the 8 digit code will be following that
  •  download the cardlock unlock software from here
    Download Cardlock Unlock software for free
  • Now run the cardlock unlock software and enter the eight digit unlock code you obtained from the text file and press ok
  • You are done now you have successfully unlocked your huawei e5830 modem for free absolutely without paying anything. if you have any problem doing this please comment here and also comment if you have easier method to unlock huawei e5830 or other huawei modems
  • You can watch the youtube video on unlocking 5830 from here
    watch the unlocking video
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