Sunday, January 22, 2012

How To Hard Reset HTC Tattoo Android Mobile????

To Hard Reset the HTC Tattoo is almost the same as the other HTC Android Phones. All user data in the device will be losing, and also all settings will be return to factory settings. So back up all important data first before performing it. Performing a hard reset on all devices, you must make sure that the battery power is full, and turn the phone off first, than follow the steps below:
Step-1: With the phone turned off, press and hold the HOME and BACK then briefly press the END CALL/POWER button.
Step-2: Press the ENTER button to begin the reset process.

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  1. How To Perform Hard Reset / Factory Reset

    Master Reset:
    1. Touch Home Key > Settings > Privacy.
    2. Touch Factory data reset.
    3. Touch Reset phone. Check Erase SD card if you want to erase the memory card.
    4. Touch Erase everything.

    Hard Reset:
    1. Turn Phone off
    2. Press and hold Volume up button then Press and hold Power button till a menu will come out "Android system recovery"
    4. Use the Volume button to scroll up and down and use the Camera button to select (click on).
    5. Scroll down to "Wipe data/factory reset" and click on it.
    6. Scroll down to "Yes -- delete all user data" and click on it.
    7. After "Data wipe complete" click on "reboot system now"

    How to Factory Data Reset
    How Android

    1. thank you for sharing. my lenovo p770 will try to Perform Hard Reset / Factory Reset

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